I have started and stopped blogs more times than I care to admit.  Time is usually the culprit.  Too much time is the usual catalyst and lack of time- it’s ultimate demise.  This time, I thought I’d blog about cooking adventures… then I realized that I only cook “blog-worthy” things about once every month or so.  (emphasis on the or so)  Next, I thought about telling parenting stories.  Of course, while I think my daughters are the most interesting, entertaining, and beautiful children on the planet, I questioned whether or not anyone else would want to read about them.  Finally, I thought about using this as a place for design stuff.  Once again- the question “Is this blog-worthy?”  popped in my head.   So, I’m left with this:  a hodge-podge of stuff.  Just stuff.  I’ll promise to try to only post the interesting stuff.  Mostly.




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