Meet the Parent


photo credit: hubby

My name is Jen.  I am a mom, a wife, a former chorus teacher, a technology resource teacher, and an actor.  (Not necessarily in that order)

A mom…

Photo credit: Amy Robinson Photography

Photo credit: Amy Robinson Photography

I have 2 daughters, K & E.  They are the inspiration for most of the content on this blog.  K is my oldest and is my sporty, constantly moving, precious princess.  She loves  to learn, create art, and play with our dog Arnold.    E is the youngest and is my adorably-sneaky, “my favorite color is pink” princess.  Basically, if it’s pink, has sparkles, ruffles, or glitter- she loves it.  Because my girls are 2 years apart, they are each other’s best friend… most days.

A wife…

"The great snowstorm of 2010"

“The great snowstorm of 2010”

My husband J and I have been married since 2004.  He is a weather junkie, jeep lover, redskins fan who is passionate about anything involving snow.  In fact, he keeps a blog that started off telling tales of his expedition to the arctic circle and has morphed into a place where he can post his musings on weather forecasting and the awesomeness of snow.
A former chorus teacher…

So, I went to college for 4 years to become a chorus teacher, taught middle school chorus for 6 years and then hit a fork in the road.  I still love music and teach it on occasion.


ITRT stands for Instructional Technology Resource Teacher… for those of you who care to know.  This is what I do now.  Coach teachers on how to integrate technology and 21st century skills into their curriculum in interesting and meaningful ways.  This blog will have nothing to do with my job, but it’s what I do, so it bears mentioning.

"Into the Woods"  Dogwood Dell, 2002

“Into the Woods” Dogwood Dell, 2002

An actor…

This is what I wish I could do all day, every day.  But as every actor who may happen upon this blog would agree- it is extremely difficult to make a living at it.  So, I do it for fun.  In particular, I am a music theater fanatic.  I’m that person who immediately starts crying the second the orchestra starts playing the overture to a show (just in anticipation for what is coming).  It’s something that I hide well most of the time since the lights are dim when it happens, but I’m usually emotionally drained before intermission.  Now that I have 2 children, I try to limit myself to 1 big show a year since rehearsals and performances take up so much time.


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